Tess is 83 and said…..

Hello Ladies!

I just came from working with such a precious lady!  Her name is Tess and she is 83 years young.

We’ve been working together for a while now – but I haven’t seen her since before Christmas.

When I walked in she grabbed my arm and said

“I want you to do something for me. 

I want you to tell the world that ‘your can teach an old dog new tricks!

This desk has stayed clean since you were here!  I know what to do and where things go – and I’m doing it!”

She always makes me smile with her wit and way of saying things – but that was extra special!! 

So there- I’ve told you.  And the reason is to give you encouragement!!

Are you hesitating on learning how to Conquer Distractions because you think – I just can’t,  I’ve tried, it hasn’t worked before, it’s not going to work now – no matter what I JUST….

Ladies  – you TOO can learn new tricks – and make them stick!

Don’t be fooled into giving up on the rest of yourself!!

You’re not too old, you haven’t been doing them too long, they aren’t too imbedded and it’s not impossible!!!

But it is easier and faster when we work with someone and have the support and accountability of a group!!

So don’t miss out on the special that will end Jan 31 at midnight………and that is the opportunity to get in this program – Get Off Stuck and Cut Your Distractions in Half!!! for This is for the 28 days in Feb!  Love month – love yourself enough to change what you don’t love in your life!

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Love, Marva

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Hello Friends –

I just finished 14 hours over the last 3 days working out a computer issue.

I know – you feel my pain!!

Was that a Distraction?

Or does that even seem like a silly question!

The reason I ask is because I know we put a lot of things on our Distraction List that are just ‘part of the job’.  However, to throw everything into the category ‘part of the job’ will also close the door in our minds for how to handle that situation in the future.

Yes, it was part of the job.  However, that category is too big.  In other words – you can’t get your arms around it!  ‘Part of the job’ is still a very long To Do List.  It still means ‘you have to do it’.  And that kind of thinking keeps you in an overwhelmed state of mind.  An overwhelmed mind has a harder time being creative for solutions.

So – with the 14 hours just done – and the project here – I thought – wow – this is a perfect example of Categories!! 

People ask me – “if I still have to do it all -then what difference does it make to break something down into categories?”  Simply put – the category leads you to the bite.

And you can eat that elephant one bite at a time.

So what was the Category – Yes, it was ‘part of the job’.  And within that – it was a learning experience.  That’s the first category, but still too big.  From there – I looked at what did I learn?

I learned 3 programs.  I learned an overarching process.   I learned time issues.  I learned where to get help.  And  I learned a ton of information  I can now  apply to the next job.  And – I learned how!

All that together – I have a new skill.  Only by doing was it going to produce those results.   Last year when I didn’t have this skill – I spent over $2000 for someone else to do it – on just one project!!

So – is that just a ‘positive attitude’?   I don’t think so – because I do know that when I don’t apply the correct categories – then I go crazy with frustration and dig my ‘overwhelm hole’ even deeper!!

So – what was that computer issue all about??
I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  I’ve put together the information, designed an action plan, and created a program that deals with this topic of Distractions!!

And many of you asked me point blank – Please – I want to work on that with you!! 

It’s here.  Check it out!  I would love to work with you to make 2011 your BEST year yet !

Or go to www.successisinorder.com

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one last thing on the computer list!  

Is Re-Entry a Distraction?

Just got home from Leadership – are you in Overwhelm or Overdrive?

 Did you walk into a pile of mail to be sorted, the list of phone calls to return, kids pulling on you, dishes in the sink – carrying tote bags full of notebooks, things from corporate and vendors and feel perhaps a little overwhelmed?

Or were you so energized that you dropped everything by the door and jumped into pulling together the new information for Monday Night Live and……next week you will get to it.  Next week comes and you think – “what am I going to do with all this stuff!!”  ” I don’t know – I’ll do it later”, which becomes later and later…..till overdrive creates overwhelm.

However you slice it – when you don’t deal with things – eventually – overwhelm and chaos will be the result.  Mentally, physically and emotionally!   It’s a fact of life!

Today I did a full hour of training with one of my coaching clients about how to stop ‘overwhelm’. Obviously I won’t go into it all here – but I thought a tidbit would be helpful when you come to “re-entry”.

There are 3 categories of things to deal with when we first come home.

1.       All that piled up while we were away – orders to fill, phone calls, pile of mail, etc.

2.       All the new things we brought home – new company info, training notes, vendors, etc.

3.       Day to day routine – Tuesday doesn’t hang in the air just because we want to catch up

Both #1 and #2 require sorting.

The key is to stay in SORTING MODE until the task is done.   Don’t fall into the ‘doing trap’.  Resist the temptation to look through the catalogue; open the bills; start marking out a deposit slip, etc.   Why?  Because it saves a ton of time and cuts down Distraction Attraction! 

When SORTING is done, PUT ALL ITEMS in their appropriate home to be handled when you would normally.  That’s it!  Which would you prefer – 5 minutes to finish or move it around the kitchen counter for 3 days?

The same KEY is true for all the things you brought back from Leadership.  Sort and put them where you will need them when it is time to work on them.  Stay sorting – not doing.

For example – all the new information on foundations – when will you do something with it – Monday Night meeting?  Then put the information with MNM. When it’s time to plan your meeting – everything you need  will be together…..and not just another pile on your desk – or floor – or couch…..:o/

Try this simple three step process.

1.       Sort into categories – without ‘doing’!

2.       Put into designated home – immediately

3.       Handle when you normally would = re-entry done, you’re back in the groove

Putting re-entry items into your daily routine quickly will divert Distraction Attraction and minimize  overwhelm.

Try it – and tell me how it works for you!!

Make it the BEST day yet!


Your – Success Is In Order

 Hello my wonderful friends!

Today we talk about #7 – with a bonus thrown in.

#7 Accountability

We know about it.  We hear about it all the time.  We’ve tried it and ……..oh dear does that put us right back where we started??  As in – been there, done that – it didn’t work so what other trick do you have up your sleeve?

I’m going to keep it short today even though there is much to learn about the subject.  Because that is just what I’m talking about – learning something.  These posts have been learning points.  Accountability is about the other side of the fence – doing!!

What will do you with what you have learned?  Of course that’s the action – but nobody is holding you up at ‘hairdryer point’!!  (have you seen the cartoon of a rabbit holding a hairdryer on a Snow Couple – the gentlesnowman is trying to fight him off – but the snowwoman is saying “It’s not worth it Roy – let’s just give him our noses!!”  Can you tell I’m in the ‘having to dig myself out’ part of the country!!  wish I had the picture for you!

Accountability has two components.  One is the decision to do something and doing it.  The second is some ‘thing’ you’ve decided to use that will ‘prove’ you’ve done what you said you would.  It might be you check off a list, make a phone call, do a mental review and make note…..but you create something that puts your attention and focus on the fact that you followed through on the original decision.

When we are training ourselves to focus, discipline, learn consistency, or in some way change a behavior – then accountability to another person, group, or predesigned program – is a useful tool.  That’s putting it mildly.  It’s powerful.  Which is why – even if you’ve ‘tried it – and didn’t stick with it’- you know that the technique is still valid.  Yes, there are many ways to ‘be accountable’ – and some can even be fun! 

Are you ready to take back control of your time?  To work on controlling distractions so you can have an extra 10 hours of time a week?  And if that wasn’t enough – how about the increased energy you’ll experience because you won’t be so drained by distractions!  Then stay tuned for the new program I will announce this week.

There is much to gain – the real bonus is that this process- this exercise – and all that it entails – will not only change your results for 2011 – but it will also help you develop a LIFE SKILL that will not only change this year – but impact your future and alter the lives of those who you influence.

Sound like too much to expect from just learning how to conquer distractions………..??  Ask people at the top – they’ve done it.  And YOU CAN TOO! 

Gotta get back to the two feet of pretty white stuff!!  It will be a hot bath tonight!!
Love working WITH YOU!!
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Hi Everyone! 

I laughed out loud this morning when I read my first 2 emails…….

                                            Hi Marva These have been so helpful keep them coming!!   Thank You Thank you 

                                            Dear Marva,

                                            For some reason I didn’t get what not to do in 2011 5, 6, 7 As the last one I received was #4 Thursday Jan 6.   Please resend those  I love them 

It was a good laugh – one of appreciation!  Thank You.    And the answer is – this was my thought –   The number of people who opened (I get those numbers!)  and responded to #4 made me think – oh, it’s the weekend, people aren’t reading – I’ll do that Monday.

Tsk- Tsk – Was that a distraction? No.  But this is the lesson I learned about YOU and about ME!

First – that you have – after only 4 articles – come to expect something.  And when that something creates a good feeling – then we want more of it — that thing that produces the good feeling! 

DO YOU REALIZE HOW ABSOLUTELY ON POINT THAT IS FOR THIS WHOLE SERIES???  We are talking about how to change behavior – how ‘bottom line’ can you get??  And the most exciting news of all is that – it will only get better from here!! 

Two seconds of background info.  All 7 points were written before I started and send the first one.  When I realized how long it was- and that you wouldn’t be able to absorb it because of the length – I broke it into the 7 pieces.  As I got your feedback, I was able to add to the 7 points which was very exciting to me because you in turn were able to apply the information more effectively.

Now – what I learned about me.  I was so inspired by your feedback that I have spent the weekend creating a program that will help you dig deeper and see long lasting results.   You might say, ‘But – I’m doing so well – why would I need to do that?’  Because it’s human nature.  

You see, right now – beginning of the year – it’s natural for us to start a new thing.  However, come February – if what we started hasn’t become a habit – chances are pretty good that new thing will simply sit on top of the ‘tried that’ ideas pile. 

My determination this year…..and I hope you will join me – is to go from being an “Information Junkie” to being an “Action Junkie”.  Not just in January – but until I see what I’m going after show up in my life.

I believe that’s what we all want – way down inside – underneath all the To Do’s, distractions, and life that happens!  And I do believe we can do it – together! 

So for a little more overview of what NOT to do while creating a ‘make it happen environment’…. 

#5 Analyze

More than any other step – this is the one that is most often never done.  We try something new and it was great!!!  We consider that the end.  We try it again and don’t get the same results.  We drop the idea.  We go for the next shiny object.  Been there?  Done that?  You don’t even have to answer – me too! 

To analyze something is to look at it carefully for the purpose of coming up with answers.  Often times we don’t analyze something because we don’t know the questions to ask.  Other times we don’t analyze because we don’t understand the answers – and how to apply them to what we will do in the future.

  1. Gather the facts.
  2. Look at the process.
  3. What worked?
  4. What didn’t?
  5. Why?
  6. What will you do differently?
  7. What will you do the same? 

That is “Analyzing 101”  and a good place to start no matter what we are working on.  For Conquering Distractions the facts you have gathered begins with the list you created as you went through your first few days.  If you don’t have enough “data” you can keep this list for another day or two.  Being in business for ourselves means ‘no two days are exactly the same’.  While that is true and important – don’t be fooled into thinking that makes every distraction different as well.

 When we talked about how strong the Attraction was and what we were Agreeing with, you noticed things about your behavior that are actually ‘how you process’ activities during your day.  Since our topic has been Distractions – then the questions ‘What didn’t work?’ and ‘What will you do differently?’ will be the focus.  Make notes on your list.

 When we review and analyze, we want to use the information to move us in the direction of our goals.  As you can see – answering the last 5 questions above will facilitate that for you.  This is the first type of Action to take.

 #6 Action

 There are two types of Action to take.  First is creating the plan for change.  The second is doing it.  And doing it again….and doing it again….and doing it again….. 

Now this might seem like the end of the road.  OK – just fix that – do it again, do it again…. and I’m in a Cadillac.  Wow – wouldn’t that be nice.  But we all know that each one of these steps has many facets, angles, ways of answering and ways of doing.  Getting to what works for you will not be an overnight deal.  It is a process, and the more personal it is (meaning this is behavior – not just a new booking idea) the more involved the process.  But get this – you’ve already started!!  And already seen positive results!

 Share more with me.  Fill me in with specifics – what you have on your list – what you’ve done to cut your distractions down – what has been your greatest accomplishment so far!  And what is still your biggest frustration. 

 Love working WITH you – Go make THIS your best day yet!


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Hello My Friends!

Wow – this has been an amazing few days –wouldn’t you agree?  Thank you so much for all your responses!!

Many of you have shared how encouraged you are by all you’ve learned already– and many others are encouraged just to know that you are NOT ALONE with this struggle!! 

Today’s thought was easier to express because of your feedback.  So here are a few of the distractions from your lists……

Email(many of you!)     text msgs                               Facebook

phone calls                     housework                            my grandchildren

piles of paper                 clutter                                   pictures that need an album

undone dishes                family matters                      the computer (many of you!!)

my dog                           email & TV                          computer games while on email

messy desk                     laundry                                 other people’s “emergencies”

cleaning drawers out      return calls                           feeling overwhelmed

incoming calls                staying up late                      not getting up early

emails on phone             TELEVISION!!!                 computer- checking email

j.o.b. email                     work full time job                Christmas movies.

Let’s take a minute and look at this list as a whole. 

It has everything from soup to nuts on it – doesn’t it??

And yet – we’re all trying to focus on one thing – our business. 

One focus – and yet everything from kids to laundry to phone calls to eating – gets in the way!

Have you ever felt like “if I could just do this – but all that gets in the way!”

We’re all subject to the subtle, self defeating monster called ‘All Or Nothing’.  We want it all, we expect it all.  And when we don’t do it all – then we have accomplished nothing!  Or – we think that when we get it All – we will want Nothing more!  Both of these are traps.  Talk about a distraction!

We know we can’t eat the whole elephant in one bite – but somehow we think  we’re supposed to be able to eat it all in one sitting.  Then by golly – I will have made it!  If I could just start – not stop – and finish this whole thing before ……the kids come home, I have to go out, or the phone rings.   THEN I will have truly conquered time management, self discipline, and every distraction in my life!  I will have ARRIVED!

We may know All Or Nothing is a myth – but we treat him more like a pet and feed him well every day! 

Yes, the way to eat the elephant is to cut it up first – divide – so you can conquer.

With smaller pieces we gain confidence and strength for conquering the areas where we need to put more effort.

#4A is for Activities

When it comes to our Activities – whether actions or distractions – we need to see them a little differently in order to be able to handle them differently.  Frankly – I can cut this hot dog in about 57 different ways  – but let’s look at the most obvious categories on this list first.  Following the #1 rule in creating order – put like things together.

 I see 3 categories of Activities Listed.

Business, Real Life and Fun.  Now of course business is real life and it is even fun – but look at your list and see if you can put it into these three categories.  If something doesn’t fit – share it with me – and tell me what you think it should be….one of the 3 – or a totally new one.

Apply these three categories to the list at large – and then to the areas that are a big challenge to you.  For example – email.  Can you break your emails into these categories as well – business, life and fun?

Remember – divide to conquer works best when we have like categories together.  Keep sharing with me – it will help you – and everyone as I share for the next A!

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Thank You!!

I love hearing from you – and waiting to hear more! 

Let’s make 2011 our year to stop getting D’s (distractions) and F’s (failing to reach our goals!) We have 2 A’s so far!  7 in all – are you going for Straight A’s with me? Then read on…

First you paid Attention and discovered what some of your distractions are.  Second you dug a little deeper to find out what was the strong Attraction to that distraction!  Today, #3, we discover the point of Agreement!   Agree??  You might think – I would never agree with a distraction!!  Let’s look further.


Yesterday you said things like:

“I found myself going through…………”

“I keep doing it ….. “It will just take me a minute – let me get this out of the way.”  Then I look up and my day is ALLLL GONE. “

“I am so easily distracted its pathetic….. it’s going for the cup of tea, passing a magazine and stopping to look for the recipe I was telling my son about so I can mail it to him and realizing what I’ve just done (and I couldn’t find the recipe!)…….”

What I hear in these comments is a little bit of wonder.  I wonder where the day went.  I wonder what was I thinking.  And from many others –I wonder if I can ever change??

Well, of course you can – it starts with where we ‘go off’.  And I think it is the belief that there is no space between The Distraction and Off and Running!

In our mind it’s like this:


The truth is – in reality – it’s like this:

Distraction__________________________________Off and Running (Action).

Distraction__________________________________Off and Running (Action).

Distraction__________________________________Off and Running (Action).

You get the picture.

So the question is – what happens here___________ between The Distraction and Off and Running?

When we’ve created the habit of immediately acting on Distractions – what happens is very fast – we hardly know it’s happening…..which is one of the reasons we call it a habit.

However, in reality – the Distraction has presented us with an option to choose.  “Do Me NOW!”  

When we agree to that option (i.e. make a choice “I’ll do that!”) – we are then Off and Running.  Agreement has to happen before we take action.   Humans are made that way – we act on what we agree with!  And without a lot of talk here – we know that when we say yes to something – that means no to something else.

So in reality – we are here:

Distraction______Agree with it/Disagree with something else________Off and Running

Now – listen carefully – it doesn’t matter if WHAT we are agreeing with is right or wrong, good or bad, high priority or low priority, on the list or off the list.  The fact is – when we have made a choice – action will follow.  Action is inherent in every choice.  You cannot make a choice without a corresponding action.  It’s just sort of like – planet earth has air – if you live here you’ll breath it.  You make a choice – you will act.

So the tough reality is….

To pull away from a Plan of Priorities to do something that is not as important – means we have changed our minds from – working the Plan is good – to – working The Distraction is good.  We have (very subtly!) said to The Distraction – ‘yes, it is good I do this now’.

Short of a child and blood – that is usually – a lie! 

It is not better to jump all over the place from distraction to distraction rather than stick with a Plan of Priorities.  However, many ‘find themselves’ doing just that.  And since we ‘know better’ and would give a rational answer to anyone who asked – we must inherently have told ourselves something that we believe to be true – because we have agreed and acted upon it.  We have agreed – it is good to do this distraction NOW.

So – next time you catch yourself jumping from a priority – stop and ask yourself – “is it better to do this now? or is it better to follow my Plan of Priorities?”  Then, if the answer is not now, say to yourself – ‘OK, when will I do it’ and schedule doing it in your datebook.

I’m excited that this year will be our year for change – our year for getting straight A’s.  I don’t believe we can do it alone –but I do believe we can do it together! 

Email me your biggest distraction – or your whole list – I’d love to hear from you!


You may copy this article if full credit and an active link are given to: www.successisinorder.com .  Tell them they can sign up for their own tips there!!